MMitD Summer School

Medieval Music-Making


6-8 September 2022

A residential course at The Jonas Centre in Redmire

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The Medieval Music in the Dales Summer School this year offers the chance to work with the superlative team of Stef Conner, Hanna Marti and Elisabeth Pawelke. Two strands are available for you to choose:

  • Stef and Hanna's course looks at the reconstruction and recreation of medieval music

  • Elisabeth's course looks at ensemble playing of medieval music


Are you interested in medieval music and would like to know how to develop and deliver a more medieval repertoire and sound? That's the aim of 'Medieval Music-Making'. It's not for beginners in their instrument, and no specific instrumental tuition will be provided - it's for vocalists or instrumentalists of intermediate level or higher who want a better grasp of medieval music and performance. 

Our Summer School delivers two days of relatively intensive sessions divided into two Strands, and you should choose one of these two Strands to follow throughout - you can't mix and match:​ Each Strand includes around 8 hours tuition in total, divided into seven Sessions, plus break-out periods for practice. We keep our groups small, so you can benefit to the max from the tuition on offer, and no single Session lasts longer than 90 minutes - so you can keep your focus high!

Here's a bit more detail about the Strands:

Stef Conner & Hanna Marti:

Create Your Own Medieval Music: an in-depth study of evidence-based reconstruction 

"We will explore in detail how we identify source material suitable for a reconstruction, how we interpret that source material, what the limits are on how confident we can be about our speculations, and what problems we face in adapting materials from one source to fit another. We will explore a range of different texts from different places and time periods, but no later than the 12th century since there’s plenty of notation thereafter. Participants will choose from a range of texts (which will be provided) and create their own reconstruction over the course of the summer school. This will involve a lot of modal improvisation and creative challenges and will be both fun and imaginative as well as quite rigorous. At the end, we will have between us a crop of varied new stylistic compositions to share."

This strand is primarily intended for vocalists.

Find out more about Stef Conner and Hanna Marti.

Elisabeth Pawelke:

Medieval ensemble course for Bas Instruments

"In this mixed ensemble course we will work on pieces from the thirteenth to the fifteenth century, and this will include both monophonic songs and their accompaniment, as well as polyphonic pieces. There will

also be a special emphasis on German musical repertoire from that period, so we will play pieces from famous songbooks of the fifteenth century, like the Schedel, the Lochamer or the Glogauer songbook. We will work out the characteristics and special features of the respective repertoires and arrange them for ensemble playing and singing. Additionally we will look at the notation of the pieces in the manuscripts, and discuss practical performance issues together."

This strand is intended for all quiet medieval music instruments - the so-called "bas instruments" - such as the flute, lute, harp, vielle, and organetto; vocalists are also welcome.

Find out more about Elisabeth Pawelke.


There is also the opportunity for socialising and informal music-making in the evenings.

Practical Details


The MMitD Summer School takes place at The Jonas Centre, a wonderful holiday and retreat centre run on a charitable basis. It's two miles from Bolton Castle by car, or a half-hour walk over the fields, and is set in beautiful countryside. Our teaching and social sessions take place in the Granary Barn, where there is a large meeting room and two smaller rooms. 

Please be aware that there is a bit of an uphill walk between the Granary Barn and most of the accommodation. If you have limited mobility please notify this on booking and we will if possible allocate you accommodation nearer the Granary Barn, to reduce the number of up and down hill treks over the course of the weekend. 


Tuesday 6th September

Arrival from 1pm - with a light lunch available between 1 and 2pm.

2-3.30pm: General introduction before dividing up into different strands for Session One. 

3.30-4.15pm: Tea break (and also the best time for moving into your cabins)

4.15-6.30pm: Session Two

7.30-10pm: Socialising and music-making in the Granary Barn. 

Wednesday 7th September

9.00-10.15am: Session Three

10.15-10.45am: Coffee Break

10.45-12 noon: Session Four

12 noon-1pm: Lunch in the Granary Barn

1.00-2.30pm: Session Five

2.30-3pm: Break

3-4.30pm: Session Six

4.30-5pm: Tea break

5-6.30pm: Break out period to work on projects

7.30-10pm: Socialising and music-making in the Granary Barn. 

Thursday 8th September

9.00-10.15am: Session Seven

10.15-10.45am: Coffee Break

10.45-11.30am: Break out period

11.30am-12.30pm: Final performances and feedback.

[please note - all timings are provisional but not likely to change significantly]


The Summer School is ideally residential (although it is possible to stay off site and arrange your own accommodation if you prefer). Participants can stay in Scandinavian-style log cabins, each of which has two bedrooms, a bathroom and a living space with a kitchen. There's seating, a television, wifi and pretty much all the creature comforts!

Our residential prices (see below) are based on the use of one bedroom, but sharing the cabin with another individual or couple in the other bedroom. It is possible to book the whole cabin by paying a surcharge.​

Food and Drink

Residential bookings include 

  • all the basics for breakfast and snacking: tea, coffee, bread, butter or margarine, jam, marmite, milk (dairy or oat), cereal, cereal bars, crisps. These are available for selection and collection in the Granary Barn kitchen when you arrive and throughout the course. Please advise on booking if you have specific dietary requirements and we will do our best to meet these.

  • a buffet lunch on Tuesday and Wednesday

  • tea, coffee and biscuits for breaks in the day

Non-residential bookings include all the above except the basics+breakfast provisions

For dinner on the first and second day you can cater for yourselves in your cabins, or visit one of the many splendid pubs in the area. The Bolton Arms in Redmire is in easy walking distance; booking is recommended. 


Residential per person: £320              

Residential per person (Friend of MMitD): £300

Non-residential per person: £220

Non-residential per person (Friend of MMitD): £200

Supplement for single occupancy of room (individual attendee): £40

Supplement for exclusive occupancy of cabin (individual delegate or couple who are both attendees): total £75

Discount on full occupancy of cabin (that's four or five people): -£25 each

Please note: accompanying partners who are not attending the Summer School are welcome to share rooms on payment of an additional £50. 

examples based on the above

1) single attendee not sharing a cabin: total cost £320 + single supplement £40 + exclusive cabin occupancy supplement £75 = £435 in total

2) single attendee as above but joined by non-attending partner: £320  + partner fee £50 + exclusive cabin occupancy supplement = £445

3) two people, both attending, sharing a room in a cabin but otherwise exclusive use: cost each £320 + exclusive supplement of total £75= £357.50 each

4) two attendees, each having their own room in a cabin: cost each £320 + £40 single supplement  each = £360 total each

5) couple, both attendees, sharing a cabin with an individual attendee: couple £320 each, individual £320 + single supplement £40 = total £360

6) two couples, all attendees, sharing a cabin: £320 each less full occupancy discount = £295 each. 

Please feel free to ask for an exact quote for your particular circumstances - it is a bit complicated, sorry!

We have five subsidised places for students/unwaged. The price here is £100 in total and is based on 'dormitory' style accommodation in a cabin - i.e. sharing rooms. We may ask for proof of COVID-negative status. Please get in touch if you are interested in having a subsidised place.

A non-refundable deposit is due on booking of £100 (residential) / £50 (non-residential). Booking opens March 21st 2022 for Friends, and May 1st 2022 for everyone else. The balance is due by 1st August 2022.


  • Cancellations up to 4 weeks before the start of the Summer School will receive a full refund less the non-refundable deposit 

  • Cancellations between 4 and 2 weeks before the start of the course will receive a 50% refund less the non-refundable deposit

  • Cancellations less than two weeks before the start of the course will receive no refund.

Please note the exceptions to these rules for COVID-19 emergencies, as given below.


  1. Sessions take place in well-ventilated rooms at adequate social distancing. Each strand has a top-limit of participants to help with distancing, and all larger gatherings will take place in the meeting room with social distancing observed.

  2. Sanitising stations will be in place and you are strongly encouraged to use these on entry to any room (including your cabin). Staff will maintain a sanitising regime for all shared facilities.

  3. We will follow government guidance on all health matters.

  4. If you feel unwell or develop symptoms of COVID-19 in the two weeks before the Summer School, please let us know and do not attend the Summer School. 

  5. If you feel unwell or develop symptoms of COVID-19, you should self-isolate in your bedroom and contact us on the number that will be supplied on arrival.  Put on a face mask and gloves if you have them.  We will get in touch with your emergency contact person to arrange for your care and/or collection.

  6. If your home area enters a 'lockdown' around the period of the Summer School, please do not travel to the Summer School. 

  7. If North Yorkshire enters a 'lockdown' around the period of the Summer School, we will have to cancel the Summer School.

  8. In the cases of (5), (6), (7) and (8) above, where you are not able to attend because of COVID-19 we will offer in the first instance credit against future MMitD events and purchases.