There are two ways of regularly supporting Medieval Music in the Dales - you can be a Friend or a MMitD Member. Whichever you choose, please rest assured that your regular subscriptions are really really helpful in ensuring the continued success of our Festivals. 
What's the difference between being a Friend and being a MMitD Member?
  • do you want to support Medieval Music in the Dales AND attend the
  • annual 'live' Festival? Be a Friend - details on this page, just scroll down
  • for more information and to sign up.
  • do you want to support Medieval Music in the Dales, but not attend the annual 'live' Festival? Be a MMitD Member - here's the link for more information and to sign up. 

The Friends of Medieval Music in the Dales

Join Up Now!

The Friends of Medieval Music in the Dales is the organisation to join for anyone interested in supporting and attending Medieval Music in the Dales who also wants to regularly attend the annual Festival in Yorkshire. Basically, you pay an annual subscription - which we hope you will maintain year on year, but you are of course free to cancel at any time, and this annual subs is essential in maintaining the Festival on an even financial keel. Be assured, your subs help immensely with the planning and administration of the Festival by ensuring a regular base - and crucial - level of funding each year. 

In return, Friends get a package of benefits, so that being a Friend will give the best value for actually attending Medieval Music in the Dales on a regular basis.

Does this sound like you? if so, please sign up! 

Here are the benefits for the coming year (2021):

  • a free three-day weekend ticket to Medieval Music in the Dales (Friday, Saturday and Sunday, which also allows admission to the castle in the evenings on Thursday, Friday and Saturday). The regular box office price for a three-day pass is £75, so being a Friend represents a significant saving.

  • 25% off the regular box office price for evening concerts, workshops, cabaret and Study Day. The only exception is our new One-to-One sessions where we can't offer a discount, so sorry!

  • priority early bird booking for the Festival - meaning you get the chance to book early for the workshops and other events you are particularly interested in. In 2021, the Friends' Box Office will open on March 1st, and the regular Box Office on March 21st, so you have nearly three weeks to take advantage of this early booking.

  • the chance to reserve places at daytime concerts, dance performances and talks - we have six daytime concerts, six talks and three dance performances this year! Only Friends can reserve these places.

  • freebies and discounted merchandise at the event and in the online shop.

  • NEW - special Friends-only events at the Online Festival. This coming year, the Online Festival will be on Friday 19th and Saturday 20th March, with Friday evening being Friends only.

And here are the 2021 rates:

Individual Friend    -   £65 

Couple Friends      -   £110

Don't forget - being a Friend INCLUDES a three-day Festival Pass to MMitD 2021 - or two Passes for a couple of course. 

Just fill in the form below, and we'll be in touch very soon with payment information and a welcome on board!


Please note - your subscription is valid for the 12 months January to December of the year you sign up - or, if you sign up in the autumn, for the remainder of that year AND the12 months of the following January-December. 


You can sign up for the Friends of Medieval Music in the Dales from immediately after the festival each year (so around the second week of September) through to the opening of the Friends Box Office for the next festival (so to midnight on 28th February each year). You can't join the Friends once the Friends Box Office is open from March 1st each year - so don't leave it too late!

Please also note:

Being a Friend entails an annual subscription in support of the Festival. It's not a ticket to the Festival, and if (for example) the Festival has to be cancelled you are not automatically entitled to your subscription back in the same way

that you would be entitled to a refund of your ticket. Similarly, if you have can't attend in any year for your own reasons, there is no automatic refund of subscription. We will, however, always aim to be sympathetic to particular needs and circumstances.

Medieval Music in the Dales is organised and run by Trouvere Medieval Minstrels

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