Box Office for MMitD 2020



The Online Box Office is Now Open!

A few things to note, to help the booking process along:


  • As far as possible, please book individually. This helps immensely with the administration and your help is much appreciated.


  • First book your Festival Pass (and a Camping Pass if you are camping on site). You must have an appropriate Festival Pass covering the relevant day for any workshops you are attending, so book the right Festival Pass first.


  • If you make a booking and then want to book for more things, just make a second booking. You don’t have to do it all at the same time!


  • If you are booking for an Under-18 (that’s age at the time of the festival), as well as the cheaper Festival Passes for youngsters there is also a 50% discount on all workshops and evening events (but not 1-2-1 Tutoring). You need to enter a discount code to get this -  please drop me a line giving details of the youngsters attending, and I will give you the discount code you need. Again, please book Under-18 places individually.


  • Performers on the Castle Stages also receive a discount – all Performers should have received all the information about this but, if not, just let us know and we will resend the information. Remember - please book individually!


  • Friends of MMitD can book for Study Day, evening events and workshops in the Box Office, and use their Friend discount code (as notified).  Friends can also reserve places at daytime concerts, dance performances and talks – for this, there is a separate box office below the main one. You’ll need to use the Friends password to access this part of the booking process.

Friends of MMitD only

Box Office for Reserving Places at Daytime Concerts, Talks and Dance Performances

Please enter the Friends Password - if you've forgotten or lost this, just get in touch. 

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