looking back to 2016...

Ask anyone who was at Medieval Music in the Dales in 2016 what they remember and the answer will be loud and clear - RAIN!!!  Yes, Yorkshire chose to throw everything at us, and the weather on the Saturday was truly abysmal. Still, as we keep reminding ourselves, if we could cope with that we can cope with anything... and everyone still had a great time!

Here are some rather more pleasant memories of our Inaugural MMitD:

the castle

" wow - what a setting! " 


" the acoustics and the feel of the place were just right " 


" the recorder workshop was amazing! " 

the tavern

" ... a bit like being in a living Breughel painting ... " 

the instrument exhibition

" the makers were really approachable " 

the good company

" informal, friendly, constantly surprising and a lot of fun " 

... and all the music .... everywhere

" sounds of medieval music wherever I went..."

Dancing was another highlight. Here's a reminder...