Medieval Music in the Dales 2022
Medieval Women: Music Makers & Muses

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After the cancellations and numerous adjustments of 2020 and 2021,

Medieval Music in the Dales returns in

full force this year. We have an amazing programme of performances and workshops

lined up for you, plus all the usual delights

of informal music-making.

We also have our second Summer School in the three days leading up the to festival.

More information here

This page outlines the programme for Medieval Music in the Dales 2022.  Here are links to a print-friendly version of the programme, and also daily timetables. 

The following links will help you around this page...

Concerts in St Oswald's Church
Evening Concerts: Friday & Saturday 7.30pm, St Oswald's Church

The Medieval Music in the Dales evening concerts feature all our concert performers, spread over the two nights. Friday features Silke Gwendolyn Schultze, Voice Trio, Leah Stuttard, and Stef Conner & Hanna Marti. Saturday features Amor Céu, Leah Stuttard & Vivien Ellis, and Elizabeth Pawelke. Tickets are £16 (Friends of MMitD £12). Book your tickets here.

Amor Céu

This (mostly) Finnish ensemble - on their first UK performance - brings together singer and artistic director Aino Peltomaa, clavisimbalist Anna-Maaria Oramo, vielle player Eira Karlson, and Corina Marti on recorder. 



Amor Céu was created by Aino Peltomaa invitation to celebrate female voices from medieval times, and to build a program around the female-voiced lyrical love poetry of the Cantigas de Amigo of Martin Codax. The Portuguese name of the ensemble Amor Céu literally means “Love Heaven” and refers to a loved-one, a friend or companion, a loved-one far away (Amor seu) or heavenly love. Its members have worked together on various projects, and had their first performance on BRQ Vantaa Festival, Finland 2021. 

amor ceu 4.png

Concert 1pm, Sunday 11th September - free with Festival Pass (for relevant day); otherwise £12 on the door.  

Participation in evening concert, Saturday 10th September: £16 (£12 Friends)

Image copyright (l-r): Jari Flinck, Ville Paasimaa, Markku Rönkä

Elisabeth Pawelke
pawelke claudia reiter.jpg

Elisabeth Pawelke studied voice and historical harp at the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis and the Trossingen University of Music. She performed and recorded with Faun for several years, and now directs her own ensemble 'Amara'. 

Her programme for MMitD presents medieval songs from the twelfth to the early fifteenth century that are written from a female perspective or reflect the roles women played within medieval society.

Concert 2.30pm, Friday 9th September- free with Festival Pass (for relevant day); otherwise £12 on the door.  

Participation in evening concert, Saturday 10th September: £16 (£12 Friends)

Image copyright Claudia Reiter

Leah Stuttard & Vivien Ellis
leah 1.jpg

Medieval harp player and singer Leah Stuttard makes a welcome return to MMitD with a solo programme of 15th-century music themed around the life of English mystic Margery Kemp. Leah also joins with Vivien Ellis (The Dufay Collective, Sinfonye, Alva) to present nun's music from Barking Abbey and English polyphonic music of the fifteenth century.

Vivien Ellis.jpg

Leah Stuttard in concert 2.30pm, Sunday 11th September - free with Festival Pass (for relevant day); otherwise £12 on the door.  

Leah Stuttard & Vivien Ellis in concert 1pm, Friday 9th September  - free with Festival Pass (for relevant day); otherwise £12 on the door.

Participation in evening concert, Friday 9th September and Saturday 10th September: £16 (£12 Friends)

Silke Gwendolyn Schulze
silke Susanna Drescher.jpg

An incredibly talented and versatile wind player, Silke Gwendolyn Schulze has studied recorder, shawm, dulcian and pipe & tabor at the universities of Bremen, Brussels, Basle and Lyon and has played amongst others with the European Union Baroque Orchestra (EUBO),  Capella de Ministrers, Ensemble Leones, La Chimera, La Morra and her own groups Quidni, Vuenv and Mandragora. Her programme 'Travelling with Melodies' takes us on the road with a medieval piper, carrying a bundle of instruments and innumberable melodies... 

Concert 2.30pm, Saturday 10th September- free with Festival Pass (for relevant day); otherwise £12 on the door.  

Participation in evening concert, Friday 9th September: £16 (£12 Friends)

Image copyright Susanne Drescher

Stef Conner & Hanna Marti

A huge hit at MMitD 2018, the amazing singer, lyre player and composer Stef Conner (The Unthanks, The Lyre Ensemble, Sequentia) returns to the festival with harpist and singer Hanna Marti (Sequentia, Ensemble Moirai).

A perfect pairing, these two explore the recomposing and reconstruction of ancient songs, texts and stories, and bring these texts to thrilling new life. For MMitD 2022 they are focusing on a lay of Marie de France: La Fresne.

Concert 4pm, Saturday 10th September- free with Festival Pass (for relevant day); otherwise £12 on the door.  

Participation in evening concert, Friday 9th September: £16 (£12 Friends)

Voice Trio
voice 2.jpg

Voice is a female a cappella trio performing repertoire spanning both ages and continents. Formed in 2006, Voice performs secular and non-secular music from the medieval music of Hildegard of Bingen, to twenty-first-century commissions, and songs from around the world. Their distinctive sound is driven by individual voices that blend to create beautiful harmonies.

For MMitD this year, they will focus on female  voices of the middle ages.

Concert 1pm, Saturday 10th September- free with Festival Pass (for relevant day); otherwise £12 on the door.  

Participation in evening concert, Friday 9th September: £16 (£12 Friends)

Mini-Concerts in Queen Mary's Chamber

This is a new addition to our programming for 2022. It's a chance to enjoy some beautiful music in the more intimate setting of Queen Mary's Chamber. Each concert lasts around an hour, and places are strictly limited for these early evening performances, so get there in good time. These Chamber Concerts are only open to Festival Pass holders and admission is free. Friends please note: tickets for these concerts cannot be reserved in advance. 

Friday September 9th, 5.30pm

Playing the harp, Cait Webb from Gaita, with guests.

Eva Moreda on the portative organ.

Saturday September 10th, 5.30pm

Singing and playing on the harp, Elisabeth Pawelke 

On vielle, Juliette Primrose with guest singer Victoria Couper, from Voice.
Singing and playing gittern, Katherine Christie Evans.


All workshops are 90 minutes long unless otherwise stated. 


Medieval Song from Nordic lands with Amor Ceu. (intermediate/Advances)

Saturday, 11am, Queen Mary's Chamber. £15

Music from English Nunneries with Vivien Ellis. (Suitable for all levels)

Sunday, 11am, Church. £15

Singing from the Manuscripts, with Leah Stuttard (a two-session course).

Friday & Saturday, 9.30am, Queen Mary's Chamber. £25

A Chantar M'Er by the Comtessa da Dia: Phrasing, Pronunciation and Harmonisation with Stef Conner and Hanna Marti.

Friday, 11am, Church. £15

Medieval Women's Song, with Voice.

Saturday 10am, Church. £15


Naughty Neumes: exploring medieval vocal effects and ornaments, with Eva Moreda. (Intermediate/Advanced)
Friday, 9.30am, Meeting Room. £15


'The Extrovert Recorder' with Jim Parr: working on engaging with your audience and enjoying your own playing... (one session for Beginners, one for Intermediate/Advanced).

Friday & Saturday 9.30am, Marquee. 

Beginner Medieval Harp, with Gill Page (Beginners, with harps to borrow if you don't have your own). Friday, 5.30pm, Church. 60 minutes. £10

Ensemble Playing for Bas Instruments, with Elisabeth Pawelke (Suitable for harps, lutes, gitterns, flute, organetto, vielle etc - singers also welcome. Intermediate/Advanced).

Friday, 9.30am, Church. £15

Harp: The Song of Susanna from the Robert ap Huw manuscript, with Bill Taylor (Intermediate/ Advanced).

Sunday, 9.30am, Queen Mary's Chamber. £15

Beginner Vielle with Juliette Primrose (Beginner, whether at vielle or all bowed strings!).

Friday, 11am, Queen Mary's Chamber. £15

Intermediate Vielle with Juliette Primrose: for people who already play vielle, viol, violin, viola, or cello - how can we sound more medieval? (Intermediate).

Sunday 11am, Queen Mary's Chamber. £15

Playing the Psaltery, with Bill Taylor, focusing on the music of the women trouveres. (Beginners/All: there are a limited number of psalteries to borrow if you want to try the instrument out). FULLY BOOKED

Friday, 4pm, Church. £15

Medieval 'Big Band' with Lizzie Gutteridge, for louder wind instruments. (Intermediate) 

Friday 11am, Marquee. £15

Beginner Bagpipes with Paul Leigh (Beginner - limited number of pipes to borrow, courtesy of The Bagpipe Society).

Sunday 9am, Marquee. 60 minutes. £10

Pipe & Tabor with Silke Gwendolyn Schulze (Intermediate and above).

Friday 11am, Meeting Room. £15


Franconian Notation, with Juliette Primrose.  

In two parts, each 45 minutes: Saturday 9am and 11.30am, Church. £15

Research Techniques for Medieval Music Performers, with Juliette Primrose.

Sunday, 9.30am, Church. £15

Talks in St Oswald's Church

Performing the Trobairitz: a history, with Leah Stuttard. Thursday, 6pm. Free with Festival Pass, otherwise £5 on the door.

Medieval Women Making Music: an illustrated tour through the sources, with Festival Director Gill Page. Sunday, 4pm. Free with Festival Pass, otherwise £5 on the door.

One-to-One Tuition

Why not take advantage of the amazing musicians present at Medieval Music in the Dales and snap up a bit of one-to-one tuition? Our One-to-Ones are based on a 50-60 minute session, costing £40, and take place a short walk away from the hustle and bustle of the festival...

This year, One-to-Ones are available with:

  • Lizzie Gutteridge (shawm, recorder, bagpipes)

  • Paul Leigh (transverse flute, gittern) FULLY BOOKED

  • Jim Parr (bagpipes, shawm, recorder)

  • Silke Gwendolyn Schulze (pipe & tabor, shawm, recorder, or double recorder)

  • Juliette Primrose (vielle)

  • Bill Taylor (medieval harp)

  • Steve Tyler (hurdy gurdy)

  • Richard de Winter (voice)

Please note that spaces are limited, so if you are keen it's a good idea to book early. 

Castle Stages

We expect as ever a wonderful range of musicians performing on the Castle Stages. You might see some of our professional musicians unable to resist the opportunity to join in, or one of the many other bands who attend each year to add their music to the scene. The line-up will be confirmed and posted here in the month before the Festival.

There's more information here about being a Castle Stage Performer - we are just about full for this year, but if you are interested in taking part in future years just get in touch.

This year, we have two Castle Stages:

The Tavern Stage

This is in our magnificent decorated Marquee, transformed into The Whole Gamut Tavern for the weekend. Expect lively sounds and even a bit of dancing!

The Hearth Stage

MMitD stalwarts will remember the old Tavern space inside the Castle. This year, it is the Hearth Stage: the fire and candles will be lit for a cosy and atmospheric space suitable for more gentle sounds. There'll be a small bar in operation too.


Instrument Makers Exhibition

Simply the best place to browse and try out gorgeous replica medieval instruments (plus a few later ones as well). This year the Instrument Makers Exhibition returns to the Great Chamber of Bolton Castle, and runs 1-5pm Friday, 10am-5pm Saturday and 10am-4pm Sunday.

The line up of instrument makers will be online soon.

The Whole Gamut Tavern

The Whole Gamut Tavern stays open into the evening on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, for Festival Pass holders only, and this is the place to come for a bit of a session, informal playing and dancing, and of course a bit of a drink. 

Terry in the Tavern

Friday and Saturday evenings at 6pm, Terry Mann will lead an informal session in the Tavern, for an hour or so. This is a great chance to learn a few medieval tunes.

MMitD Mural

Join in with our crafts maestro Wendy on Saturday and Sunday to help create a magnificent medieval "halling" - a mural on linen - which will be hung in pride of place at future MMitDs. All ages welcome, and it's free to join in. 

Sunday Night in the Great Chamber

On Sunday evening, we have an informal get-together in the Great Chamber of Bolton Castle. The fires are lit and the candles too, and there's a bar on hand - and the music just seems to happen! Admission is free, but places are strictly limited, so you need to REGISTER at the Festival Desk to get your name on the admission list. First come first served!