This Year's Music

  • This page contains PDFs of the music for a lot of the pieces that will be played in workshops at this year's MMitD and also in sessions in the Tavern.

  • There are also supporting materials for some of the workshops.

  • Please print out anything that you want - and if you are attending a particular workshop it is definitely a good idea to print off your own copy and bring it along.

  • Don't feel you have to practise anything! You may well be more comfortable learning by ear, and this is always possible too.

  • NB: If you are using any of the music again in the future, please give a credit where due to the editor of each piece, as provided here. A mention of MMitD is always good too!

  • If you don't see music for your workshop, don't worry. Some of the leaders prefer and intend to teach the music by ear in their particular sessions. In this case, they will often distribute music at the end of the session, so you will still get a record.

Lizzie says: "We probably won't play them all, but I'd rather have too much than too little."

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