2018 Music

  • This page contains PDFs of the music for a lot of the pieces played at the 2018 MMitD

  • NB: If you are using any of the music again in the future, please give a credit where due to the editor of each piece, as provided here. A mention of MMitD is always good too!

The Big Plays
The Big Plays

The Big Plays are open to all, but especially aimed at louder instruments. 

1. Angelus ad Virginem (C)     2. Edi beo thu                       3.Parti de Mal

The Little Plays

The Little Plays are especially aimed at quieter string instruments. 

1. Ex te lux oritur                  2. Angelus ad Virginem (D)               

Hurdy-Gurdy Workshops
Hurdy-Gurdy Workshops
Workshops with Ian Pittaway

1. Ductia (lower part)            2. Me lyketh ever              1. Bryd one brere              2. Mirie it is

All Manner of Minstrelsy 
All Manner of Minstrelsy
with Tim Bayley
Intermediate/Advanced Harp
Workshop with Bill Taylor

1. Fifteenth-Century Tunes   2. Marchez la dureau        1. Sources                         2. Kaniad Llywelyn 

English Song Workshops with
Richard de Winter
Bowed Strings with
Lizzie Gutteridge

Lizzie says: "We probably won't play them all, but I'd rather have too much than too little. We may make our own arrangements of tunes rather than playing what is in the harmony parts here, so if in doubt work on the top line (apart from In Potare and In Seculum Breve - those are hockets so we'll need all three parts to make them work)."

Medieval Bagpipe Workshop with Paul Martin
Music for the Mysteries with Stephen Rowley

1. Harley Ductia 2                  2. El tens d'hiver