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Resources for the 2022 Festival 

Music for workshops and sessions will be posted here.

Material from previous

Terry in the Tavern sessions  -

worth having to hand!

New material for this year

- print it out or have it on 

your tablet...

Music for Bill Taylor's Psaltery workshop. If bringing your own instrument please have it tuned in C. Bring a pencil & rubber!

Music for Bill Taylor's "Song of Susannah" harp workshop. Please come tuned in B♭

Bring a pencil & rubber!

Music for Lizzie Gutteridge's workshop. NB most people will only need pages 1-9. Pages 10-17 are for those who like to read their alto parts low and/or their tenor parts in bass clef.

Notes and music for Eva Moreda's Naughty Neumes vocal workshop. Please print out in advance.

The PDF contains links to all the material for the "Medieval Song from Nordic Lands" workshop with Amor Céu

Materials for both of Jim Parr's Recorder Workshops (Beginner and Intermediate) - please read!

Music and notes for Vivien Ellis's workshop on music from English nunneries.

Materials for Elisabeth Pawelke's Ensemble workshop for Bas instruments. Please print in advance

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