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This is a page in the making.  It's intended to provide a handy set of free resources for finding out more about medieval music, and getting into playing it. 

To get things started, here are links to some of the music that has featured in the last few festivals. You are welcome to use this music, but if you are reprinting it or using it on another site (etc) please keep the full credits as given. 

Last year - just before lockdown made such things impossible - I visited Norfolk and toured some of the wonderful medieval churches. As usual, I was on the lookout for medieval musicians! Here are some highlights. Click on a thumbnail image to see a larger version, and on the larger version to bring up the image along with my brief notes. I only had my phone so the quality is not the best, sorry...

Get in touch if you would like to add something to this Resources Page. Full credit will of course be given.
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