The 2021 Online Festival
March 19th-21st 2021

We are just in the earliest stages of planning our 2021 spring festival, but here is a heads-up of our broad plans:

Friday 19th March 

Friends and Members Friday

An evening with our supporters who do so much to keep MMitD on an even financial keel! AS with our September Online Festival, this will include a workshop and a chatty chance to meet some medieval music specialists. Timing will be in the evening UK time, which we hope will make it more possible for our international Friends and MMitD members to join in.

Saturday 20th March

Castle Stages and Concerts

From around 6pm UK time, join us for an evening of musical performance 

Sunday 21st March

A day of workshops, presentations and performance

From around 10am through to 6pm UK time, a full day of informal learning and musical enjoyment with workshops, presentations and performances.

As you can see, we have divided the festival up a bit more and - in response to feedback from exhausted enthusiasts - avoided really long days stuffed with content! Hopefully, this more bitesize approach will work well. And all content will again be available afterwards on our website and/or YouTube channel.

These are just early plans, so things may change - but this is what we are thinking at this time.

Already more-or-less confirmed for the Spring Festival:

  • a workshop tour with the amazing Philippe Bolton, master recorder maker and long-established friend of MMitD

  • the return of Vicente la Camera Mariño, the truly amazing harp player many will remember from the 2017 festival for performances and a workshop

  • a tour of bagpipes with top player and festival regular Paul Martin

  • a workshop with festival Choirmaster Richard de Winter

  • the premiere of Trouvere's next video project: Saeculorum. Accompanying Trouvere's latest digital release, this will whisk you through five centuries of medieval history accompanied by five centuries of medieval music. As Gill is in charge, be prepared for more Byzantine history than you might otherwise expect!

Medieval Music in the Dales is organised and run by Trouvere Medieval Minstrels

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