2019 was our celebration of the life and music of William Marshal... There was a wonderful programme of music of the troubadours and trouveres alongside 12th century church music. In addition, we brought to life musical scenes from the life of the Marshal.

Here are some images, sounds and comments from an unforgettable weekend...

Concerts - professional and upcoming talent from the UK and France, in St Oswald's Church

Ensemble Céladon
Ensemble Céladon
Ensemble Céladon
Paulin Bündgen - Ensemble Céladon
Gill Page - Trouvere
David Zubeldia - Joglar
Sophia Brumfitt - Maiden in the Moor
Company of Voices
Rebecca Austen-Brown
Rebecca Austen-Brown
Sophia Brumfitt
Leah Stuttard
Margaux Zubeldia - Joglar
Company of Voices
Jaufré Darroux
Jaufré Darroux
Jaufré Darroux
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what they say...

"high calibre and variety of all the acts, especially the French ones"

"great performers from across Europe - it's feeling like an international festival. And it's in England!"

"the music and atmosphere are magical and the artists so friendly"

Snippets of Ensemble Céladon and Joglar in concert at Medieval Music in the Dales 2019

Professionals and amateur enthusiasts share their love of medieval music on the various Stages around the Castle
Kathryn Wheeler & Ian Pittaway
Mondrum - Elizabeth
The Mighty Tritor
Tres Allouettes
Pease Pottage - Veronica
Pease Pottage
Maranella - Ged
Jackie Phillips
Arpa Armonia - Amie
Arpa Armonia - Helen
Archaedium - Rachel
Archaedium - Mary
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what they say...

"loved the range - from brilliant professionals to doing-our-best amateurs and everything in between"

"wide variety of excellent music & performers of all types - friendly, happy atmosphere in a wonderful setting"

Snippets of Wulffengrimm, Arpa Armonia, (The Mighty) Tritor, and

Tres Allouettes on the Castle Stages

 Recreating scenes from the the Marshal's life with the help of 
The Household. 
The Marshal as a young man
Richard de Winter - probably getting the medieval French of the song he is about to sing properly into his head!
The Marshal and his wife
The old Marshal (Tony Lacey) with his wife Isabel (Gill Page) being coaxed into telling a tale
The Old Marshal Remembers
The old Marshal tells Isabel a story of his youth
The young Marshal sings for dancing
The young Marshal (Richard de Winter) is persuaded to sing for the dancers on the night before a tournament.
Dancing before the tourney
Dancing before the tourney
Dancing before the tourney
The Marshal fights
The Household in combat
A knight and a castle!
More combat from The Household
The Household encampment
In the encampment
The Marshal remembers his glory days
The Marshal's last days
The Marshal sings with his daughters
Isabel accompanies the singing
The Marshal's son looks on
The funeral procession begins
Isabel of Pembroke organises her husband's obsequies.
A piper plays for the funeral
Paul Martin led the funeral procession, playing on the pipes
Through the portcullis
Round the castle
Towards the church
The priest is waiting
The mourners in the church
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what they say...

"Best moments: William Marshal's deathbed and both me and the big chap next to me wiping away tears..."

"The Household re-enactors were an excellent addition to this weekend, really interesting talking to them, they were good at explaining and sharing their enthusiasm."

The Marshal is borne by his men from the castle to the church to the sound of the pipes and an invocation to Our Lady Mary.

what they say...

"...truly magical. I was so enraptured by the atmosphere when I came to perform last year that I just couldn't resist coming back as a punter. It was such a delight! I particularly loved that you had the festival choir working together towards a final performance, over the course of the weekend. That was a superb idea..."

"...it is driven by participation from start to finish... there is constant music in every room (though my brain is still bagpiping); the quirky, warm, welcoming community you have created; the sensitive integration of professional and amateur performance; the amazing instrument makers' exhibition; the tavern jam sessions; Joglar (WOW!)... It's a brilliant, beautiful, unique, and lovely festival."

"relaxed, accepting and supportive - just lovely!"

Medieval Music in the Dales is organised and run by Trouvere Medieval Minstrels

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The Marshal as a young man

Richard de Winter - probably getting the medieval French of the song he is about to sing properly into his head!