2019 Timetables

Please note - these timetables are correct to the best of our planning ability, but are subject to change.

Any last minute changes will be included in the up-to-date timetables on display at the Festival. 

Different colours represent different strands of activity (eg blue for workshops).  View the key here. 

thursday 5th september

Main Entrance 2-5pm, Side entrance 5-7pm

You need to register first, before pitching your tent or going to the Tavern!

As far as possible, please arrive before 7pm - if you are unavoidably going to be later than this, you need to let us know in advance.


friday 6th september

Ardival Harps demo with Bill Taylor 3.15pm

* The Friday Evening Concert features: Maiden in the Moor, Ensemble Céladon, and Company of Voices. There will be a 10-15 minute interval between each of these.

saturday 7th september

Castle Stage Performances, beginning

with demo from Lutherios 12.30-1.15pm

* The Saturday Evening Concert features: Trouvere, Joglar, Jaufré Darroux and Ensemble Iuchair. There will be a 10 minute interval between each of these.

sunday 8th september

Playing Da Gamba

Pipe &  Tabor

*  M1, M2 and M3 are the William Marshal Day Performances: ​

M1: Before the Tourney

M2: The Marshal and his Daughters

M3: The Obsequies (beginning in the Courtyard and moving to St Oswald's Church)



Musical performances

Festival Admin - when and where to find help

Socialising and sessions - all free to Festival Pass holders 

Food and drink - when and where

Exhibition and Medieval Market


Living history and dramatic performances

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